Hey there!

I’m Calucon and for those who prefer more fancy characters: カルコン.
Or you could just simply call me Simon.


Calucon, what is this?

A few years ago, I was looking for a new Username that doesn’t explicitly refer to the game I was playing. Hence after trying out lots and lots of different letter combinations, Calucon was the combination I fell in love with.

Before I started working as software developer, i was already creating my own client applications I could mess around with at home. After having earned my first few bucks, i thought about creating my own website. Soon after, a virtual server and a domain hoster was found and it was time to play around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

From there on I started to not only expand my knowledge from being a back-end developer to also becomming a front-end developer. It didn’t stop there because doing this all on your own requires server administration knowledge which I hadn’t had back then.
From a single website, this whole thing has grown to multiple Services:



  • Websites
    • calucon.de
      My trial and error site to mess around
    • cnd.calucon.de
      A webserver where all static CSS and JavaScript files are stored
    • blog.calucon.de
      A blog where you can read the stuff that’s currently going through my mind
    • tomaru.de
      Game-Player-Statistics (WiP)
  • TeamSpeak
    • calucon.de
      A Server to communicate (voice and text) with friends and others



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