Apache2 – ReverseProxy Configuration

In my scenario, I have a lot of different web servers that are usually bundled with another application like netdata or within a docker container. And I don’t want to expose all different ports like 19999 for netdata etc. Therefore I usually proxy them and assign different host names to each of them. So let’s … Read more

Apache2 – Website Configuration

I use different configurations for each site I host on my server, but most of them are nearly identical. Here I want to share the basic version I use. For this, you must enable 2 mods in Apache2: MOD Command mod_rewrite sudo a2enmod rewrite mod_ssl sudo a2enmod ssl mod_headers sudo a2enmode headers Do not forget … Read more

Minecraft Server Startup Script

A few friends from my gaming community “Cohesion of Wolfes” decided to create a small Minecraft server and I was tasked with the job of getting the backend running for now. At first, we had a pretty basic and simple startup script that required you to have the Terminal or an SSH session open which … Read more